"Predictions are alway hard to make - especially for the future“ said Mark Twain. Due to declining interest rates and tremdous demand for real estate the market has been constantly rising since 2006 . The reason for investing in Berlin are still increasing population, a good prognosis for a city of great potential and the strive after a safe harbor for assets in times of global volatiliy. Stephan Thiele offers the entire service of rating and consulting for domestic and foreign investors who want to participate in a market which offers great opportunities : real Estate in Berlin.

  • Knowledge of building substance and common techniques and prices by own experience as executing architect. Inspection of location in a team with engineer for technical equipment to enable integral assessment of the existing substance..
  • Accredited Member of the Chamber of architects in Berlin
  • Certified surveyor in the field of evaluation by the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Architects

  • Investigation of maintenance due that can affect your investment
  • Calculation of technical data as the remaining life for your business plan using a comprehensible evaluation grid
  • Rapid preparation of survey and delivery to you and other requested persons
  • Conception, surveillance and Coordination of your maintenance and refurbishment to sustain the value of your investment

  • Your second independent opinion in the process of purchase
  • Your additional assurance of Investment by using local knowledge. A good location is .
  • Assistance and enforcement in negotiating with all concerned parties involved such as vendor, construction firms and local authorities

  • Service will be charged at an hourly rate of 125,- €/h excl. of VAT. Brochures and other hardware will be charged additionally.
  • When executing full projects over a longer period of time a flat rate can be agreed based upon the estimated time and effort needed.

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